Welcome to the opportunity to referee games in Arlington!
Arlington is a great location to work and has all types of games from U4-U19 Recreational, U11-U19 Competitive, Academy U7-U10, Adult games (Men's Div 1, Women Open, Coed, Over 40 & 50 Men)Expect to work games each day you give availability with games on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday) Send me your email to  Mickey refmickey.obrien@gmail.com and I will add you to Arbiter Sports Group 107490 Mickey J Assigning Arbiter Sports will be the assigning tool for assignments in all of Arlington leagues and any tournaments! Majority of the referees already have an account but will need to add my Arbiter group... Read The Rest
Officiating in Arlington
Referees and A/R's, Thank you to all that have successfully entered availability: Click on this link https://www.mickeysrefhub.com/learn/detail.php?How-to-Receive-Assignments-14 I still receive many questions about how to enter availability or why am I not getting games. Here are a few things to consider: 1. Based on the availability you provided, there may not be games available or that are suitable for your skill level2. Just because you enter availability doesn't guarantee games3. If you continually give back games or no show, more than likely I will think twice before assigning you4. Are you working as hard as you can? or are you just here for the money.... Read The Rest
Referee Feedback
Referees, I've gotten a lot of comments and photos from the referee feedback page this season regarding the safety of the players. Specifically goal keepers.  This weekend, let's focus on calling challenges on keepers early to prevent injuries. Be proactive and in the position to make these decisions. Safety of players should be our number one concern. Look for clips to the heals after ball has been played and watch for elbows hitting above the shoulders. Don't be afraid to call it, and if necessary issue a card. If a coach or player disagrees with this approach, simply say, keeping the players safety at the forefront is... Read The Rest
US Soccer & NTX Policy
As part of U.S. Soccer's commitment to health and safety, our medical and referee experts have prepared the following recommendations for the referee community and incorporated them into our referee education materials. In the interest of health and safety, U.S. Soccer recommends that match officials practice the following skin care guidelines: Consider wearing sunscreen daily on areas of exposed skin. Apply skin protection factor (SPF) of 30 or greater 15 minutes prior to being exposed to the sun. At a minimum, reapply every 2 hours or more frequently if sweating extensively. Take advantage of halftime to reapply Caps may be worn so long as the cap... Read The Rest
Head, Neck, Spine or Facial Injuries
Since 2012 referees have been instructed that a head, neck, spine or facial injury is to be treated as serious. The referee must stop play and the player removed from the field safely for evaluation and treatment. Stoppage for such an injury must occur immediately and not be delayed, regardless of where the ball is. In December 2015 US Soccer published "Concussion Initiative Guidelines" to increase awareness of how to manage head injuries and to spread that awareness to parents, players, coaches and referees. The online presentation from US Soccer, Concussions in Soccer Overview, is required for everyone. See: http://www.ussoccer.com/Referees/Resource-Center/Online-Training/Grade-8-Referee-Course.aspx%20In 2012, referees... Read The Rest
Learn To Be A Better Referee
To be a good referee, you must continue to learn and improve with every game. Experience is the best teacher and confidence builder. The more games you do, the more comfortable and confident you’ll be. If something occurs in a game and you aren’t sure if you made the correct decision, after the game, go back to the Laws of the Game. Talk to more experienced referees about the decision you made and whether or not you should have done something differently. Call or email an experienced referee with the question. Watch experienced referees and notice how they deal with specific situations that cause... Read The Rest
Questions To Answer
Fouls: Careless, Reckless, using Excessive Force/Violent conduct 1. Does the player show a lack of attention or consideration when making the challenge? 2. Does the player act without precaution when making the challenge?3. Does the player make fair or unfair contact with the opponent after touching the ball? 4. Does the player act with disregard for the danger to the opponent? 5. Does the player act with disregard for the consequences to the opponent?6. Does the player have a chance to play the ball in a fair manner?7. Does the challenge put an opponent in a dangerous situation?8. Does the player touch the ball... Read The Rest

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