Referee Health & Safety (Skin Care)

US Soccer & NTX Policy

As part of U.S. Soccer's commitment to health and safety, our medical and referee experts have prepared the following recommendations for the referee community and incorporated them into our referee education materials.

In the interest of health and safety, U.S. Soccer recommends that match officials practice the following skin care guidelines:

  • Consider wearing sunscreen daily on areas of exposed skin.
  • Apply skin protection factor (SPF) of 30 or greater 15 minutes prior to being exposed to the sun.
  • At a minimum, reapply every 2 hours or more frequently if sweating extensively.
  • Take advantage of halftime to reapply
  • Caps may be worn so long as the cap does not endanger the safety of the official or the players.
  • The cap should be consistent with the referee uniform and not conflict with the uniform colors worn by either team. The cap may not bear any commercial marks or logos.

(NTX Policy as of 7/28/15 - While the wearing of caps in permissible, in addition to the specifications above, it must be black in color to be consistent with the referee uniform. No logos are permitted other than the US Soccer logo.)

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