How do I Know When I'm Assigned?

You will receive an email that you have new game assignments. 

If you go to Arbiter Group 107490 Mickey J Assigning and then select schedules then filter the date by week or month.

Required to complete your profile data including SSN or TIN to work in Arlington!

Add your cell number and check the boxes under preferences for notification of new games, changes (which occur frequently on game day) and email for new game assignments. 

Also there is a free APP Arbiter Sports that works great with your games and payroll.
This link will provide each of you with information of "How To" with Arbiter Sports including the APP to download to your phone!
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How Do I check Players In?

Arlington API League (Competitive U11-U19), Academy (U7-U10) & Recreational (U09-U19) VIRTUAL PLAYER CHECK IN

Please be advised of the following as we start our Spring Season:

  • During the first two weeks of competitive league, teams might be finalizing their uniforms. All jerseys MUST have permanent numbers. Taped numbers are NOT accepted. Referees need to enforce this very important rule of competition.

  • DO NOT ADD or REQUEST A PLAYER TO BE WRITTEN ON ROSTER! NO EXCEPTIONS! Referees cannot handwrite a player onto the roster. Period the end.

  • Check-in will be handled electronically. All competitive (U11-U19), Academy (U7-U10) and Recreational (U9-U19) players must be CORRECTLY IDENTIFIED through the GOT SOCCER app on a smartphone or tablet device. Please place a checkmark on the game roster once you have verified their picture, jersey number and name.

  • If for some reason the GOT SOCCER app cannot be opened, please complete check-in by calling out jersey number and having the player identify themselves with their name. Then, please comment in the notes section which team was unable to be checked in virtually.

  • If player jersey # is different than what is on the game day roster please clearly place the correct # next to players name this is the ONLY change approved by API.

  • If a player arrives after the game has started, the player along with their team manager/coach needs to locate a board member on duty to approve the player/jersey number.
  • Once the board member has verified the player, the board member will return to the field and advise the referee crew with a paper pass approval if the player is eligible to participate.

  • If a player enters the field as a substitute and has not followed the proper check-in procedure, they will need to be removed from the field immediately until they are properly checked in and approved by a board member.

How do I receive game fees for each of the four leagues in Arlington?

Arlington Soccer Referee Game Fees - Referees will be paid through "Arbiter Pay" Individual Account. Must set up your "Arbiter Pay" account to receive payments! Each Sunday night I will process payments for games you work that week (Monday-Sunday) and you should have funds by Tuesday PM to withdraw from checking, savings or money market you have set up in your game officials account.

Paid through "Arbiter Pay" will be processed each Sunday Night

Paid CASH before the game

API – Competitive
Paid CASH before the game – EACH TEAM PAYS ½ OF Center AND 1 A/R (Exact amount for each)

Paid through "Arbiter Pay" will be processed each Sunday Night

*Notice that recreational fees now match competitive league fees!


How Do I Set Up Arbiter Pay?

Recreational games, Adult games, forfeited games and standby fees will be paid by electronic transfer directly to your bank account through Arbiter Pay will be processed each Sunday night after all games or for all games after the last Tournament game.

To set up your Arbiter Pay account:

Within 2-3 days will be in your bank account. There is no charge to you for an electronic deposit to your account.

Must have a SSN or TIN in your Arbiter Profile before you will receive any assignments.

How to Become a USSF Referee  

Requirement – you must be 13 or older

There is a two-part process that must be completed to become a licensed USSF Referee:

  • Sign up for a Referee online course. You will pay the fee when you sign up. $80.00

Part 1 - Sign up for the Referee Online Lessons via OMS

There are 6 modules in the online portion. All 6 modules must be completed in full. The online lessons take approximately 6-7 hours to complete.

Part 2 – Select an in-person clinic to attend.

Once you complete the entire online lessons, you’ll be able to select an in-person clinic to go to on OMS. You will see the words – ONLINE LESSONS COMPLETED highlighted in green to know that you can select the in-person clinic you wish to attend.

The in-person clinic is 3.5 hours. This is the field session done outdoors. Lots of important information is given to all attendees – who you will work for, how to get games, where to get uniforms, etc.

You must complete both parts to become a referee.

To Register

Click here OMS

  1. Select – Entry Never been a USSF Referee before
  2. Select – Referee Online Lessons
  3. Register/Pay
  4. Start/finish the online lessons

Once you complete the online lessons you will see the words – PICK A CLINIC. This is the in-person portion of the clinic.

How do I know if I have to re-certify?

Look at your badge, what year is on it?  Your badge says – 2021 or 2022. You need to re-certify. If it's July 2023 and your badge says 2022, you need to re-certify. Your badge will tell you what you need to know. ALL referees MUST re-certify to referee EVERY year. It's best to get it done before the current year ends. Avoid the rush of last minute registrants.

I signed up for a clinic but can no longer attend, what do I do? This happens and that's fine. You remove yourself from the clinic you can no longer attend. You can sign up for a different one. The money from the original class transfers to the new class. This is all good if it's done in a timely manner. Timely – 72 hours prior to the start of the class. Policy states – if you do not withdrawal from a class and are a no show, you will lose the administration fees associated with the class.

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