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Referee Programs YouTube Channel Website

U.S. Soccer is committed to producing referee education resources aimed at supporting the nearly 150,000 officials across the country regularly working amateur games at the youth and adult levels.

These video resources will focus on both the interpretation and application of the Laws of the Game while also providing advice on practical refereeing.

You are the assistant ref: Test yourself on eight offside decisions Website

If you were handed the offside flag, how do you think you'd get on? As part of Support The Ref week, we're testing your decision-making... We've gathered eight mock match situations, and we want you to give us your verdict on whether they are offside or not. Sky Sports News HQ and Sky will be focusing on the role of the officials in football in our Support The Ref week, and we're keen for you to put yourself in the boots of a Premier League assistant referee.

Referee myth-busting: How many decisions do officials get right? Website

"It's a little bit like me advising Lionel Messi on how he can improve his performance and where he went wrong." That's the view of former referees' chief Keith Hackett on the criticism officials receive from ex-players and pundits. It is natural for fans, players and managers to fixate on the decisions that cost their side, the penalty that never was and the soft red card at the weekend. But just how many decisions do referees have to make, and how many do they get right? You may be surprised at the findings.

Videos on Handling Website

How many decisions did you agree on? Great Video for all to see!

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Advice to New Referees Online Videos Website

Advice to New Referees Online Videos. Check out the final video of the Advice to New Referees Video Series. The final video, titled “After the Game,” can be viewed on our Youtube channel

How to make Soccer more Enjoyable Website

Joy Fawcett, Tom Farrey talk about improving youth soccer experience. Tom Farrey, who heads the Aspen Institute's Project Play initiative, and World Cup champion Joy Fawcett both held sessions at the summit, as they each presented information on how to make soccer more enjoyable and inviting for youth.