The philosophy and spirit of the Laws

Football is the greatest sport on earth. It is played in every country and at many different levels. The Laws of the Game are the same for all football throughout the world from the FIFA World CupTM Final through to a game between young children in a remote village.

That the same Laws apply in every match in every confederation, country, town and village throughout the world is a considerable strength which must be preserved. This is also an opportunity which must be harnessed for the good of football everywhere.

Football must have Laws which keep the game ‘fair’ as a crucial foundation of the beauty of the ‘beautiful game’ is its fairness – this is a vital feature of the ‘spirit’ of the game. The best matches are those where the referee is rarely needed as the players play with respect for each other, the match officials and the Laws.

The integrity of the Laws, and the referees who apply them, must always be protected and respected. All those in authority, especially coaches and team captains, have a clear responsibility to the game to respect the match officials and their decisions.

Details of all Law changes 2017/18

The following are the changes to the Laws of the Game for 2017/18. For each change the old
wording (where appropriate) and the new/changed/additional wording are given, followed
by an explanation for the change.
The text shown in the ‘old text’ boxes may be the exact previous text or a more general
outline of the meaning of the previous text.
Offences and infringements
Many languages do not have different words for ‘offence’ and ‘infringement’, the difference is
not clearly understood (even by English experts) and their use inconsistent e.g. a player can
be an ‘offender’ but not an ‘infringer’. To make the Laws clearer
and to assist translation,‘offence’ and ‘offend’ replace ‘infringement’ and ‘infringe’.

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