2017 NEW Fall Adult Leagues Check-in by Player Cards ONLY!

Starting this fall season the Open Men's Div 1 & 2, Open Women's, Coed, Men's over 40 & 48 players will have a picture player card from Arlington Soccer to use to check off with game day roster card.

  • Referees must begin checking players no later than 10 minutes before scheduled game time and all three referees must be on field together checking players card, jersey number and remind them that jewelry will not be allowed!  
  • If all 3 referees arrived at field 10 minutes before start time and checking players in, the game clock may start at scheduled game time and continue checking players until 7 players on each team have checked in.
  • Game may start with the minimum 7 players each team and 3 referees are there ready. 
  • Men's Over 48 and Open Women's are 40 min halves, Men's Div I & II, Coed and Men's Over 40 are 45 min halves.
  • Slide tackling is allowed ONLY in the Men's Div I & II games! 
  • Late arriving players may check in with the A/R when there is a goal, goal kick, injury or when there is a ball out of play with referee permission, the A/R must check the picture, league, and verify his jersey number and keep the card and check the player off on the game day roster at half time or end of game.
  • Add time for injuries, substitutions, misconducts and never shortened the playing time!  
  • Playing time is important to the players and top complaint I receive weekly, so if this happens and complaint is received the crew will be removed from future "adult" league games.  
  • Players must have player card for the league game they are participating with their name on roster.  Without correct player card the player does not participate. 
  • Home team will change jerseys if color conflict, numbers on jerseys must be at least 6 inches in height and a unique permanent number. (permanent marker accepted but tape is not considered permanent)

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