In Game Officials switch identity to group 1130 NTX Registrations then select courses and then select referee, assessor, instructor or assignor and register.

Registration for the next year starts around August 1st through December 30 of each year.

I just re-certified and the status says "pending" This is normal. Registrations are processed at least once a week at the North Texas Office. During high volume times (end of the year, the deadlines) registrations are processed daily but registrations are not processed on the weekend.

How do I know if I have to re-certify? Look at your badge, what year is on it. If it's May 2018 and your badge says – 2016 or 2017. You need to re-certify. If it's July 2018 and your badge says 2017, you need to re-certify. Your badge will tell you what you need to know. ALL referees MUST re-certify to referee EVERY year. It's best to get it done before the current year ends. Avoid the rush of last minute registrants.

I signed up for a clinic but can no longer attend, what do I do? This happens and that's fine. You remove yourself from the clinic you can no longer attend. You can sign up for a different one. The money from the original class transfers to the new class. This is all good if it's done in a timely manner. Timely – 72 hours prior to the start of the class. Policy states – if you do not withdrawal from a class and are a no show, you will lose the administration fees associated with the class.

Do you know my password? Only YOU know YOUR password. Please keep track of your information. We can provide your user name and YOU can reset your password. Follow the prompts and do it yourself. DO NOT create a new user account.

My address changed Keep your profile information on Game officials current. Badges are sent DIRECTLY to the address you provide. If you don't update your address. You will not receive it. There is a charge for a replacement badge if we send to an old address.

Any inquiries regarding checking the status of your registration – always include your legal name. Don't give us an initial or a nickname. We look you up in the game official's data base by your legal name.

What if I don't pass the test online? Take it again. You get three attempts to pass. There is a "review" feature, click on the word "review" to find out what you missed. Do a little research, find the answer. A teachable, knowledgeable referee will have success on the field. 3 failed attempts, contact Ann Hicks for a reset.

League Information

Arlington Soccer Association league information can be found in this section. Everything from referee pay rates to modified playing rules.


Submit your availibilit for league play, tournaments, or misconduct reports and more in this section. Most forms can be submitted online.

Learning Center

The Learning Center features an FAQ, videos, updates to the Laws of the Game, and more to help you get answers when you need them.

Field Maps

Find out where you are going and what field is where. Download field maps in this section.


Many tournaments are played in Arlington and surrounding areas and quality Referees are always needed. Check out this listing of tournaments.


GameOfficials is the current scheduling system used to assign referees to matches. Follow this link to go to their website.